Having grown up and been involved with the community in Dublin 5, I’m passionate about our area. We face so many challenges in our city, and the only way to overcome them is to have a transparent , community-led council.

My priorities include:

  • Addressing the housing crisis by ensuring planning is community-led and sustainable, and not a return to the boom- and bust-cycle which got us here in the first place
  • Resisting the cuts to our local services, particularly bus routes which serve so many of our neighbours, who would be lost without them
  • Supporting local organisations to help foster the community that has built over the last few decades

I became involved in politics because I wanted to help make a difference.

I believe we need more young people involved in politics. The passion and determination of young people can make real change – the last two referenda show this. We are facing serious challenges in housing and with the cost of living in our City at the moment.

We need to get involved and take down these challenges head on.

I would be delighted to hear from you. You can email me directly at hello@shanefolan.ie or call 087 205 1804.

Take care,

Shane Folan

Ireland - Dublin : Dublin Bay North : Donaghmede
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