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  1. Give West Street a Helping Hand
    Issued : Wednesday 1 April, 2015
    Louth County Council need to provide a platform in order to jumpstart revival work on both West Street and Narrow West Street in Drogheda that will increase footfall and help ...
  2. Cllr. Munster needs to clarify position on abuse
    Issued : Friday 13 March, 2015
    How much does Sinn Fein in Louth know? How much information is Sinn Fein in Louth willing to reveal? And how much is Sinn Fein in Louth keeping back - ...
  3. Town Centre Traders Are Disadvantaged Over Pay Parking Laws
    Issued : Thursday 5 March, 2015
    Many businesses in the town centre of Drogheda are suffering because of restrictive pay parking laws that inhibit people from choosing to shop in the town centre and instead choose ...
  4. Derelict sites in Drogheda
    Issued : Wednesday 25 February, 2015
    Although there would appear to be a large number of derelict buildings around the town of Drogheda none have been added to the Derelict Sites Register of Louth County Council ...
  5. Local government reforms can plot new course for Louth economy
    Issued : Thursday 18 December, 2014
    Key local government reforms announced this week have the potential to facilitate greater economic development by local authorities, including Louth County Council, according to Labour Councillor, Pio Smith.
  6. Senior Citizens Forum in Yellowbatter
    Issued : Tuesday 6 August, 2013
    Labour Party Councillor for Drogheda Pio Smith and Ged Nash TD hosted the first Senior Citizens Forum in Community Hall Yellowbatter to address the many national and local issues affecting ...

Cllr Pio Smith

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