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  1. Have your say on the future of South Park
    Issued : Tuesday 21 June, 2016
    Galway City Councillor Niall McNelis urges members of the public to attend a public consultation on the future of South Park, and how it can be redeveloped into a major ...
  2. Councillor extends sympathies to the Dunleavy family
    Issued : Thursday 9 June, 2016
    Labour councillor Niall McNelis described the blaze as a “terrible tragedy” and expressed his sympathies to the Dunleavy family.
  3. Floating barrier needed to contain waste at Claddagh
    Issued : Thursday 9 June, 2016
    City councillor Niall McNelis has called on  Galway City Council to install a new boom - a temporary floating barrier used to contain waste and help make recovery easier - ...
  4. Volunteers required for City clean ups
    Issued : Wednesday 8 June, 2016
    Niall McNelis, chair of the Galway City Tidy Towns is calling on residents to lend their support in efforts to clean up the city
  5. Traffic chaos at Parkmore inconvenient and dangerous, says City Councillor
    Issued : Thursday 12 May, 2016
    The traffic situation in Parkmore Business Park is “not only an inconvenience, it is dangerous”. With people “caught in their cars for over an hour”, demands are being made for ...
  6. Sick thugs plague our playgrounds says Cllr McNelis
    Issued : Monday 28 March, 2016
    A handful of “sick thugs” are melting razor blades into children’s slides, loosening screws on swings and rubbing dog excrement into play equipment in a concerted string of attacks on ...
  7. City centre buskers cause concern to local businesses
    Issued : Wednesday 23 March, 2016
  8. Beware of hard left political choices for general election says Cllr. McNeilis
    Issued : Tuesday 25 August, 2015
    The ongoing political crisis in Greece should serve as a warning to voters in Ireland for the upcoming general election, according to Labour Cllr. Niall McNeilis.Cllr. McNeilis said that the ...
  9. debate on ‘forgotten’ Presidential referendum needed
    Issued : Tuesday 12 May, 2015
    Galway City Labour Councillor, Niall McNelis is calling for a greater public debate on the Presidential Age referendum which is taking place on the same day as the Referendum of ...
  10. Labour Councillor seeks action over poor mobile phone service
    Issued : Wednesday 29 April, 2015
    Galway City Labour Councillor, Niall McNelis is calling on the Communications Regulator to investigate what he terms is the very poor mobile phone coverage currently being experienced by customers across ...

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