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57 Labour Councillors Elected

Posted on May 29, 2019

Labour Local Manifesto 2019 web

57 Labour candidates have been elected to serve as local Councillors, in 21 of Ireland's 31 local councils.

Labour's vote share was 9.8% in those areas we contested. Of those elected, 34 were sitting Councillors, 10 had run in the past and 13 were first-time candidates.

Labour had fewer TDs and Senators, and fewer party resources than in 2014. Yet, we increased the Party’s number of elected Councillors, with seat gains in Waterford (+3), Fingal (+2), Wicklow (+2), Cork City (+1), Louth (+1) and Meath (+1). Crucially, we secured a solid vote in a number of areas where we’d hope to win Dáil seats.

Labour fielded 111 candidates in 95 local electoral areas. 41% of our candidates were women, and 42% of our elected Councillors are women.

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