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Spring clean to West Wing

Posted on April 11, 2007

Snapping the snapper - Taking the photographer taking the picture featured in the Irish Independent on April 10th.
Taking the photographer taking the picture featured in the Irish Independent on April 10th.

Over the Easter break we took the opportunity to use the time to move into our election headquarter, or the West Wing as the Indo's Fionnan Sheahan nicknamed it in yesterday's paper. You can read about it here, subscription required.

It was no easy task moving from our head office on Ely Place having taken the opportunity to clear out decades of work but we are now moved in and ready to hit the ground running. Among the archived stuff we unearthed were folders of Tanaiste speeches, old photographs and lots and lots of paperwork.

Once the clear one was done, the skip filled, we then moved lock stock to the new HQ literally around the corner.

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Are you with us?

Posted on April 10, 2007


Yesterday, Easter Monday, Pat launched the party's second advertising campaign which poses the question 'it's time for a change, are you with us?

Speaking on the video cast on our website Pat said: "Some weeks back, we asked 'But, are you happy? because we wanted to begin a debate about our quality of life.

"I asked if you were happy to live in a wealthy economy, but in a society under strain? Now, in the next phase of our campaign, I would like to ask a different question.

"So what I am asking is 'are you with us? We can't change Ireland alone. Changing Ireland for the better is a task for all of us, working with each other."

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Labour's nationwide health survey highlights two-tier health service

Posted on March 29, 2007

Liz and Pat - Health Survey Launch

We launched our nationwide health survey today which produced some dreadful but not surprising results.

Among the findings of the survey is the fact that 84 per cent of private patients are seen within three months, compared to just 30 per cent of public patients. Within six months the rate for private patients rises to 98 per cent while only 58 per cent of public patients are seen.

As many as 22 per cent of public patients are still waiting after a year.

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Young people want weekend voting

Posted on March 23, 2007

Yesterday we held a press conference calling for the voting age to be lowered to 16 for Local and European elections. At one stage Eamon Gilmore TD was asked what he thought about voting at the weekend, you can see what he said on this video. Apologies for the poor sound quality.

We weren't the only ones talking about weekend voting, Irish has started an online petition calling for voting to take place at the weekend.

The main argument for this is to enable the thousands of people who work and study away from their home town and who would find it impossible to go home on a Thursday to vote before travelling back to their jobs or college on Friday.

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Heard of Pat's Commitments?

Posted on March 20, 2007

Putting Children First - Pat with Muireann O Braonain
Pat with Muireann O Braonain

For this election, Labour Party leader, Pat Rabbitte TD, has made it clear what his top five priorities will be. These are five Commitments for Change which he and the Labour Party promise to deliver in government.

You may have heard briefly about these, but here the full list of these Commitments for Change:

  1. More beds in clean hospitals
  2. Pre-school education for all our children
  3. More GardaĆ­ on the beat in neighbourhoods
  4. Abolish the means test for carers
  5. Enable more people to begin to buy a home

To read more about these commitments, please click here.

These are not the only things that Pat Rabbitte and the Labour Party will achieve in government, but are five Commitments that Pat Rabbitte promises to deliver in office.

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Pat in Belfast for Assembly Elections

Posted on March 06, 2007

Belfast Tele - Pat and SDLP leader Mark Durkan sharing a joke whilst canvassing in Belfast City Centre. Pic by Bill Smyth
Pat and SDLP leader Mark Durkan sharing a joke whilst canvassing in Belfast City Centre. Pic by Bill Smyth

It's election fever all over Ireland with a General Election in a matter of weeks and Wednesday's Assembly Elections in the North. Last Friday Pat went up to Belfast to campaign with SDLP leader Mark Durkan and to show Labour's ongoing support for the SDLP our sister party.

During the day Pat said: "I would urge all parties not to delay and procrastinate further. They must seize the opportunity immediately after the election and to agree to the return of the Assembly and the Executive.

"In doing so we will know that Northern Ireland is on the road to becoming the truly peaceful, democratic and lawful society that it's people deserve."

You can read Pat's full statement here.

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But, are you happy?

Posted on March 04, 2007

But, are you happy? -

February 13th, 2007

Labour leader, Pat Rabbitte, has launched a new ad campaign entitled - 'But, are you happy?'

If you want to see why Labour is asking this question, head to a new site - and see Pat himself explain to you.

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Register to vote

Posted on March 01, 2007

Vote - Use your vote
Use your vote

With an election coming in the coming weeks/months it is important to ensure you are registered to vote, particularly given the fact that tens of thousands of people were disenfranchised by being taken off the electoral registers, including our own Jack Wall TD. (Check out what the Irish Times and Irish Independent had to say on the issue, subscription required.)

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Blogging for Labour roundup

Posted on February 27, 2007


You may have seen the Blogging for Labour button on the homepage where we have linked to all the party representatives who are using blogs, or weblogs, to interact with their constituents and beyond.

We thought it might be an idea every now and again to update you on what our Labour blogger are saying.

This week Councillor Michael O'Brien, candidate for Kilkenny/Carlow, raises the issue of the collapse of ADHD and autism services in Kilkenny; Councillor Keith Martin in Westport blogs about the Sunday Business Post's poll results while Councillor Seamus Ryan in Waterford talks about the longest election campaign ever.

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Pat Rabbitte's Speech to Labour Conference

Posted on February 12, 2007

You can view Pat's full speech in Windows Media Format. You'll need the free Windows Media Player, and Mac users may need the Flip4Mac plug-in for Quicktime. There is some music interference at the start of the speech - sorry for that.

Alternatively you can read the full text of the speech here.

Hi-res version for broadband users.

Click here for lo-res version for dial-up users.

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