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Taxi Driver Check App launched

Posted on February 28, 2013 at 03:38 PM

Minister Alan Kelly launching the 'Taxi Driver Check' App

In this post Minister Alan Kelly writes about the new 'Taxi Driver Check' app which he launched today. 

Today I launched the new 'Taxi Driver Check' App that allows passengers to check and verify the licence details of both a taxi and its driver before they get in the car. This will help ensure that all taxis are operating properly in the industry.

The App allows the passenger to check the details of the driver and the car by typing in one if the following: the vehicle licence number on the roof or door of the car; the driver licence number on the dashboard; the vehicle registration number or by scanning the QR code on the vehicle disc which is located on the front and back windows.

This will give consumer the required license details of both the driver (including photo) and the car before they take a journey. This will reassure taxi passengers that they are travelling in a legitimate, safe and fully licensed taxi.

The passenger will be able to forward these details to a friend to record the trip and there is also a reporting mechanism for complaints that will go directly to the National Transport Authority. This App will certainly promote greater professionalism in the industry and make the public feel safer when travelling in a taxi. 

The creation of this App was a recommendation of the Taxi Review Group which reported last year an I chaired. The App is available on both iPhone an Android Smartphones so please download and try it out.

by Minister Alan Kelly

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