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Labour's Plan for Sporting Communities

Posted on February 13, 2011 at 02:39 PM

Gilroy, Giles and ORiordain - Cllr John Gilroy, Johnny Giles and Cllr Aodhan ORiordain at the launch of Labour's Plan for Sporting Communities
Cllr John Gilroy, Johnny Giles and Cllr Aodhan ORiordain at the launch of Labour's Plan for Sporting Communities

"Labour's approach to sport is simple; we need to build participation from the bottom up, while also supporting our elite athletes from the top down," said Eamon Gilmore TD at the launch of Labour's Plan for Sporting Communities, "Sport should be something that happens in the community, not exclusively behind high walls or expensive membership fees."

Accompanied by soccer legend John Giles, and Labour Candidates Cllr Aodhán Ó Ríordáin, (Dublin North Central) and John Gilroy, (Cork North Central) he proposed a complete reinvention of Ireland's Sport Policy, based on rigorous support for sport at the heart of our communities.

[Download our Plan for Sporting Communities from our policy section.]


- Labour will mainstream successful sports partnership pilot projects that have proven their effectiveness in broadening participation, using funding from a reformed betting levy.

- Labour will continue support for the Community Games


Community Facilities

- Labour will establish a Community Development Fund for amenities that can provide an income stream for communities, such as Youth Cafes, Arts Centres, Indoor Recreational Space, facilities for older people

- These income generating amenities would sustain the operation of the core amenities. E.g. synthetic grass playing pitches, which can be hired to users on a commercial basis, and which could generate an operational surplus of €60,000 per annum.


Sporting Infrastructure

- Labour will prioritise capital spending in multi-use facilities under 'The National Sports Facilities Strategy'. Funding of Irish sport should be re-allocated away from capital projects, and towards employment and promotion of sport on a local and national level,

- Labour will ensure that any future grants will reflect the National Audit of Sports Facilities such as those allocated under the Local Authority Swimming Pool Programme. They will reflect the amount of private facilities in the area and emphasise the refurbishment of derelict pools.


John Giles proved to be a big hit with local kids at the event, happily signing autographs and chatting with his fans. One group of players asked organisers to make sure that their team were not left out of the photos. "Don't worry," they were told. "Eamon will be with you in just a minute." "Eamon who?" they replied. "We want a picture with Johnny Giles."

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the campaign trail, Senator Alex White's blog has taken transparency in politics to a new level. Reporting on a visit to a local cake sale, the Dublin South candidate states "For the record, I came away with a cheese loaf, six chocolate éclairs, an apple tart, a madeira cake and a bag of homemade doughnuts."

Download our Plan for Sporting Communities from our policy section. You can also read what Eamon said this morning about the launch in our media centre.

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