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Kelly's CAP conference ignites CAP debate

Posted on April 05, 2010 at 01:46 PM

97% of farmers believe that CAP is of major or vital importance to Irish agriculture but over 90% of them also believe the future of CAP will have a negative impact. That's accordingto results of a survey carried out by Alan Kelly MEP.

Kelly revealed the survey results at the "Future of CAP, Crisis or Opportunity for Rural Ireland" conference which took place on Friday, March 26th at the Tipperary Institute, Thurles.
The conference, the first of its kind in Ireland saw attendees from all across Ireland gather at the Tipperary venue to hear speakers including Labour Party Leader Eamon Gilmore and IFA President, John Bryan, discuss the future of CAP for Irish farmers.

Kelly said "The EU's CAP is worth over one billion euro to the Irish economy in purely financial terms but possibly three times that when you think of the jobs that money creates, if you had a tap pouring that amount of money into another area of the Irish economy we would never stop fighting to protect it." With over 80% of farmers predicting a dramatic drop in income, Kelly added

“Because it is an agricultural issue and an issue to do with rural Ireland it doesn't' get the attention it deserves and nobody is talking about it."
People, who couldn't attend on the day, are able to watch the videos of the conference on Alan Kelly's YouTube.

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