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Labour's best Local Election ever

Posted on June 07, 2009 at 01:27 PM

The Labour Leader Eamon Gilmore TD arriving at the count

Counting is still continuing in the Local Elections and so far we have made fantastic gains throughout the country in what has been the best Local Election ever for the Labour Party and it is thanks to you. Our candidates have polled 17 per cent nationally bringing home many first-time candidates with many candidates topping the poll.

Local authorities up and down the country will return with many of our first-time candidates while in Dublin's councils Labour has swept the board becoming the largest party.

Speaking on RTE this afternoon the Leader of the Labour Party Eamon Gilmore TD said "we are going to build and grow from this base" adding that many of the newly elected first-time candidates will be candidates in Dail elections in the future.

We have just updated our Flickr photostream with photographs from the count in Dublin's RDS with more coming later. We'll be back to post on the European Elections count which are currently ongoing.elelection

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