Luke Crowley-Holland

I am proud Kerry-man. And honoured to represent the political wing of the Labour movement here in the Kingdom.

Having been born and raised in Kenmare, and having built a career in hospitality in South Kerry, I am acutely aware of and conscious of the challenges our rural communities face. And these are not just economic, they are also social and demographic challenges. In fact I believe the rural/urban divide is one of the biggest challenges we face as a society, along side climate change and wealth inequality. Furthermore I think all these issues can only be tackled on an intersectional basis.

Some of my priorities include: 

  • Local Government Reform.
  • Tackling the housing crisis.
  • Fighting for a living wage and worker’s rights and for all those in the type of precarious, seasonal and/or low paid work situations that have come to characterise our local economy in Kerry.
  • Fighting to ensure young people and adults with special needs get the support they need and deserve from their local community.

Only strong and united Labour movement can address the challenges we face. Yet, at the same time we cannot repeat the mistakes of the past. 

Yours in solidarity,

Luke Crowley-Holland,

Luke Crowley-Holland

Ireland - South : Kerry : Kenmare

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