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  1. Labour launch survey on future of our towns and villages – Labour Rep Liam van der Spek urges people to engage.
    Issued : Tuesday 6 April, 2021
    Labour Rep Liam van der Spek is urging people in Cavan to engage with a survey on the future of our towns and villages to chart a way forward to ...
  2. Carbon Labelling Would Boost Local Products And Business
    Issued : Monday 29 March, 2021
    Bill would introduce carbon footprint information on all products.With the government after publishing their Climate Bill which aims to cut our carbon emissions in half by 2030, the Labour Party ...
  3. BOI Branch Closures Devastating for Arva, Cootehill & Kingscourt - Must Be Paused During Pandemic
    Issued : Monday 1 March, 2021
    A kick in the teeth for loyal customers and staff.Liam van Spek has said that the announcement of so many branch closures by Bank of Ireland today will rip the heart ...
  4. Ulster Bank announcement hammer blow to staff and customers in Cavan & Ballyjamesduff
    Issued : Monday 22 February, 2021
    Ulster Bank staff terms and conditions must be protected in any ultimate sale or merger.A merger of parts of the Bank with PTSB must be actively explored.Impact of lose of ...
  5. Labour 'Catch-Up for Children' Scheme backed by Liam van der Spek
    Issued : Monday 15 February, 2021
    A €100m ‘Catch-Up for Children’ scheme is needed to make up for lost school days and related activities.There must be an assessment of the damage caused by school closures in ...
  6. Extend and Increase Fuel Allowance with Cold Snap Underway
    Issued : Monday 8 February, 2021
    Hundreds of thousands of workers on PUP will be confined to home.Four extra weeks of fuel allowance paid last year, same should happen in 2021.With snow and sleet forecast, and ...
  7. Bereavement ‘One Stop Shop’ needed for Social Protection and Public Services
    Issued : Monday 1 February, 2021
    UK have a ‘Tell Us Once’ Service for notifying a death to government bodies.Local Representative Liam van der Spek has backed the Labour Party call for the Minister for Social ...
  8. Liam van der Spek backs call for National Aggressive Suppression Strategy for Covid-19
    Issued : Tuesday 26 January, 2021
    Mandatory testing and quarantine needed for arriving passengersCheckpoints 5km from the border essential now.Survey of employers with more than 20 workers to determine if all who can are working from ...
  9. Registration Fee For Nurses and Midwives Should Be Waived For 2021
    Issued : Monday 18 January, 2021
    Local Labour representative, Liam van der Spek has called for the registration fee for nurses and midwives to be waived for 2021. It time to do something more than applaud ...
  10. 926 Drivers in Cavan on Indefinite Waiting List
    Issued : Monday 9 November, 2020
    “Labour TD Sean Sherlock has obtained detailed figures from the RSA showing over 65,000 drivers across the country are currently awaiting a test and have no idea when they will ...

Liam van der Spek

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