Cllr Fiona Bonfield

I was elected as a local councillor for the Nenagh Municipal area in the 2014 local elections.

Mindful of the times we live in and that money is tight, I believe that we can bring communities together and show that with a bit of hard work and involvement from us all, we can shape and rebuild our communities that will benefit us and our future generations. We all need to take a more active role in our own local communities and by volunteering in these aspects of our communities can give us all a sense of pride and well being.

I am no stranger to sports having previously represented Tipperary at the National Community Games in a number of events. It is essential that we support and enhance existing and emerging sports and recreational facilities for our young people in our communities and our schools. Our older generation can also benefit from these facilities. We cannot underestimate how involvement in sports/recreational activities keeps us all focused and has enormous health and mental benefits.

The support and aid to local businesses is equally as important as the provision of services. I am a strong believer of joint co-operation between all business owners in an attempt to make our communities a more pleasant and friendly business environment. In addition to this the focus on tourism and its development also plays a pivotal role in making our communities overall better places.

I want to bring energy and passion to help shape the plans for local communities and to ensure that communities, its residents and its business people come first instead of all the developer led ideas that have previously taken over our towns.

I want to help our communities prosper through the provision of services and activities for all ages, creating and maintaining excellent infrastructural means, dealing with constituent’s individual problems in an effective and private manner, establishing and backing supportive mediums to allow our businesses to prosper and to be of aid to organisations functioning in our neighbourhoods.

Cllr Fiona Bonfield

Ireland - South : Tipperary : Nenagh
Home Address:
87 Mulkear View,
Co. Tipperary

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