Katie Harrington

I am the Labour Party's Local Area Rep for the Tuam LEA, which includes Tuam, Milltown, Dunmore, Headford, and Belclare. I am the daughter of a special needs teacher from Caherlistrane and a taxi driver from Tuam, I am passionate about rural regeneration and revival. 

I attended Dunmore Community School, graduating in 2005. I attended the University of Limerick where she earned a BA in 2009, during which time I worked in the Houses of the Oireachtas. Katie earned a Postgraduate Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Trinity College Dublin in 2020. 


  • Bringing jobs to rural Ireland: The pandemic showed that there is no need to be in Dublin to work in most civil service departments. Katie believes in creating rural co-working hubs and work-from-home options to bring secure, pensionable government jobs to the west.
  • Supporting small business: In rural Ireland, small businesses and the self-employed are the engine that drive the economy and they are the heart of our town and villages. We must provide supports and training for those who provide employment.
  • Making the greenway a reality: There is tremendous local support for the Athenry-Tuam Greenway and Katie believes local politicians must now work on making it a reality.
  • Commemorating the Tuam babies: Katie believes the local council should engage with survivors of the Tuam Mother & Baby Home on the best ways to honour and remember their experiences as well as those who did not survive.
  • Katie wholeheartedly supported the #YesEquality referendum and canvassed for the Yes side in the #Repealthe8th referendum. 

Katie Harrington

Ireland - Midlands North West : Galway East : Tuam

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